Smart Choices


Southern Company's success is a result of keeping our customers satisfied by delivering reliable, affordable energy and great service. As we continue to expand our smart grid and smart meter technologies, new smart energy management choices for our customers are realized. We're working hard to introduce our customers to cleaner, more economical ways to power homes, commercial businesses and industries. And we're aggressively exploring how we can apply new and proven technologies to everything from electronics and lighting to transportation as we expand our list of convenient and efficient customer offerings, which we call Smart Choices.

Here is a sampling of efficiencies and customer offerings we're involved in:

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

  • Invested $70 million to $80 million per year on customer programs.
  • Reduced peak electricity demand by 3,900 megawatts.
  • Plan to invest $1 billion by 2020 to reduce peak demand by another 1,000 megawatts.
  • Industry average reduction from demand-side management is 4.7 percent. Southern Company has reduced peak demand by 11.1 percent through 2012.
  • Saved more than 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours since 2000.
  • Continue to explore and develop new customer opportunities.

Electric Vehicles Initiatives

  • Worked with auto manufacturers to understand the use of electricity as a transportation fuel and its impact on the grid.
  • Helping develop industry standards.
  • Evaluating plug-in electric vehicles and charging technologies in our operations.
  • Implementing lower electricity rates and programs for off-peak usage.
  • Goal: To become a leader in advanced electric transportation technologies.

Pricing Options

  • Lower nighttime rates for appliances, water heaters, heat pumps and electric vehicles.
  • Real-time pricing for large industrial and commercial customers.
  • Power Credit rewards for reduced demand during peak times.
  • Energy Select's programmable thermostats for more control over usage times and prices.

Energy-Efficient Technologies

  • Researching new high-efficiency customer offerings. Among our demonstrations:
    • heat pump water heaters
    • low-wattage LED street and area lighting
    • state-of-the-art appliances that use significantly less energy and water
  • Geothermal and heat pump heating and cooling systems
  • Smart Choices for future use:
    • Mobile app that sends critical notifications, household management from phone
    • Smart appliances controllable via the Internet


EarthCents is a Southern Company initiative designed to help customers save money and energy while reducing greenhouse gases.

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Electric Transportation

For more than a decade, Southern Company has worked with auto manufacturers to understand the use of electricity as a transportation fuel and its impact on the grid.

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