Our business employs people who are our greatest asset. These employees routinely work near energized wires, intense heat, nuclear fuel, heavy equipment, moving vehicles, pressurized pipes and under other conditions that require exceptional safety attitudes and measures. Our business is built on values and safety is a core value throughout our company. Though it is vitally important to provide electricity to our customers, there is no occupation worth risking the safety of an individual employee.

Target Zero

We practice Target Zero, a company philosophy aimed at creating an environment for achieving and sustaining safety excellence. Our goal is to complete "every day, every job, safely." We use various metrics to track and trend our progress toward our ultimate goal of eliminating injuries.

Safety briefings are the first order of business at all employee meetings. For employees whose jobs carry a higher risk of injury, that's how they start each job. No matter the job function or the level of risk a job carries, every Southern Company employee is reminded often that working safely is a requirement. Here are some key philosophies for our company.

  • Before each job, we identify hazards and determine how to avoid them. We go over safety details with all employees who will perform the work.
  • While working, we watch out for each other and take action to correct unsafe conditions or behaviors when identified.
  • Reporting safety concerns is appreciated and protected, to remove any fear from employees to do so and to encourage open communication.

Focusing on the right things leads to good results. For example, since the introduction of Target Zero in 2005, the Southern Company system has reduced the rate of injuries to employees by 68 percent. During 2015, 99.35 percent of Southern Company system employees worked injury-free. In 2015, our recordable incidence rate was 0.61 and our lost-workday case rate was 0.15. But Target Zero is not just about numbers, it is about people. Our ultimate objective is to create an environment where our employees work injury-free, every day on every job.

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