Report Parameters

The Corporate Responsibility Report for Southern Company contains information on the economic, environmental, and social responsibilities of the company and its subsidiaries. To reduce the use of energy and natural resources in the publication of this material, and in order to allow for more timely updates, we have published it online.

You will find relevant performance data at the end of each section of the report. Figures generally reference five-year trends through December 31 of the most recent calendar year, except where unavailable or otherwise noted. We will update content throughout the year as new data is released.

To best meet the full range of expectations among our stakeholders, the organization of content in our report is largely based on Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. (The Global Reporting Initiative is a multi-stakeholder group seeking to provide a trusted and credible framework for sustainability reporting for any company. For more on GRI, visit Applicable subjects from the guidelines are indexed to the pages that fulfill each respective section.

To determine the materiality of topics included in the GRI guidelines, we survey peers, review policy and plans from management and directors, and compile data from regulated and voluntary activities. After drafting the report and reviewing it internally, we circulated advance copies to a review panel of external stakeholders including investors, media, environmental groups, sustainability reporting experts, and peers. All comments were considered and many were incorporated into the final report. Others will help shape future actions. Several stakeholder quotes are posted in the report to balance our viewpoints on key issues.

In response to requests by shareholders, we have produced other reporting and disclosure materials in addition to this report. Find many of these materials at contacts and notices.

To help us make the report more useful and complete, we will incorporate suggestions by stakeholders to an early release of this information. We welcome you to add to this feedback and send your comments by e-mail.