Fuel Services


Coal for Generating Plants

The Fuel Services organization acts on behalf of Southern Company operating subsidiaries, procuring fuel for generating plants and administering fuel delivery programs.

We operate in two groups:

  • Planning and Procurement arranges the purchase of coal on a long-term (contract) or short-term (spot) basis.
  • The Production Support Department coordinates the delivery of fuel to generating plants, assures the quality of the fuel delivered, and manages a large fleet of railcars.

Procurement - Coal

Southern Company Services acts as agent in the procurement of coal and transportation services for Alabama Power Company, Georgia Power Company, Gulf Power Company, and Mississippi Power Company. In addition, Southern Company Services is agent for the co-owners for Plant Scherer and Plant Wansley.

Our current procurement policy is to secure fuel of acceptable quality and quantity at the lowest evaluated cost. To perform this responsibility, we solicit requests for proposals on a competitive bid basis. By doing so we provide opportunities for all reputable suppliers, minority or otherwise, to participate in the fuel program. In addition, Southern Company Services accepts unsolicited bids at any time. They may be submitted to any of the fuel buyers by fax (205-257-7795) or through the internet bidding system.

To participate in the solicitation process, please contact us.


Bid Procedures

Find out how to submit a bid using the on-line bid submissions form, and learn about bid evaluation.

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Requests for Proposal

Track Southern Company coal bid opportunities.

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New Source Litigation

Learn about new litigation impacting fuel and find information about "cap and trade" rules.

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Natural Gas Procurement

Learn about our procurement program and view our list of current approved traders.

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