Diversity & Inclusion

At Southern Company, diversity and inclusion is not just a corporate performance goal, it's a business imperative to sustain a culture of excellence through inclusion. Commitment extends from Tom Fanning, Southern Company's chairman, president, and chief executive officer, through the entire organization.

The actions of our people are our company, and our people exhibit behaviors and model core values called Southern Style. Southern Style, is built on the foundation of unquestionable trust, total commitment and superior performance. It is the blueprint for our actions and the foundation for our diversity and inclusion efforts.


Embracing diversity and inclusion requires that we value differences and treat people as unique individuals. Uniqueness is much more than race and gender. It includes creativity, experience, upbringing, and educational background - all the things that shape us and make us individuals.

We understand the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace and its impact on attracting and retaining the best employees.

Three key areas enhance our ability to sustain a culture of excellence through inclusion:


From the board of directors to frontline employees, Southern Company enlists talent that meets our business needs and is representative of the communities we serve and the changing demographics of the marketplace.

Supplier Diversity

By nurturing relationships with diverse suppliers, including female- and minority-owned businesses, Southern Company broadens its access to products and services while demonstrating commitment to economic inclusion.


Strategic community partnerships ensure the growth and vitality of the diverse communities in which we serve, work and live, while creating alliances around business issues.