Our Veterans

Find out what other veterans know about working at Southern Company.


"When I was an instructor in the Navy, I had to deal with a variety of people from different backgrounds," Umphlett said. "Some had just finished high school while others had college degrees. The same applies with my current job. " - John Umphlett more


Mark Telhiard, a graphic designer in Communication Services, Gulf Power. continued to be a digital artist when he served in Iraq. more


"I am a more confident and professional employee as a result of my military service." - Denise Richardson more


In uniform or out, Glenn believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. - Glenn Boatwright more


"I was fortunate to have a supervisor who worked with me when I needed to be away for special assignments. You have to find a balance and be organized, and this of course applies to my job here at Mississippi Power as well." - Cynthia Trotter more

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